About the Club:

Racing is a great way to try something new and challenging with your skiing.

Together with Essex Ski Racing Club we combine resources to create a program designed for alpine skiers of all ability levels - age 4+ who want to build the skills needed to compete and become the best they can.


  • All skiers who have the ability to ski in control from the top of our main slope and have a desire to improve their skills are welcome to join our coaching program.  

    With over 40 years of competitive coaching experience at all levels and a low coach-to-athlete ratio we can help any aspiring athlete develop their skills and build competitive experience in alpine ski racing.


  • Our coaching sessions strive to promote a love for skiing and a spirit of competition, creating an environment that encourages everyone to be motivated and improve their ability level.

    Our philosophy is that of long-term development of young athletes and we constantly explore new ways of creating excitement. Together our goal is to help competitors become the best that they can possibly be.

  • Our coaching system places it's emphasis on free skiing, overall comfort, ability and confidence on skis in a variety of conditions, technique and technical consistency.

    We do this by running three training sessions per week aimed at different ability levels, with a focus on developing and improving technical and tactical skills both in and out of a race course, making use of a fundamentals based ski curriculum.

For more information please contact our Race Club on:essexskiracingclub@gmail.com