One Day Activity Camps

Being active in a safe and fun environment is at the heart of what we do.


Would you like to introduce your children to Skiing and Snowboarding, or simply want to get them out of the house and active? We are offering one day Snowsports activity camps during the school holidays consisting of Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing. Running Levels 1 -3 over 3 weeks, you can choose to book for one day or multiple days.


Each day will include Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing, all under the supervision of a fully qualified instructor.


A fun and supportive environment enabling your child to have a great time on the slopes whilst safely learning new skills and making new friends.


8-12years or 13-16years - Maximum 12 per group.



£66 per child


  31st May 2023 LEVEL 1 10am - 4pm  
  2nd August 2023 LEVEL 1 10am - 4pm  
  9th August 2023 LEVEL 1 10am - 4pm  
  10th August 2023 LEVEL 2  
  16th August 2022 LEVEL 1 10am - 4pm  
  17th August 2023 LEVEL 2  
  18th August 2023 LEVEL 3  
  23rd August 2022 LEVEL 1 10am - 4pm  
  24th August 2023 LEVEL 2  
  25th August 2023 LEVEL 3  




Level 1 - SKI – Beginner, introduction to skiing, stance & balance to braking plough. SNOWBOARD – Beginner, introduction to snowboarding, stance & balance, straight runs.


Level 2 - SKI – Develop plough to gliding snowplough. SNOWBOARD – Develop straight runs to side slipping toe edge


Level 3 - SKI – Refine gliding snowplough to single turns. SNOWBOARD – Refine straight runs to side slipping heel edge.